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If you applying patches or using the cable information, be certain you check the version/model number first to verify compatibility.Remember, tips described on this site may invalidate the warranties on your ETX and accessories.Always check for applicability of accessories, replacement parts, or repairs to your telescope model. Weasner / [email protected], ETX, and Auto Star are registered Trademarks of Meade Instruments Corporation.Other products mentioned on this site may be trademarked by the respective companies.* Early model GPS-NX01 and GPS-NX02 receivers may specify 9600 baud.Astro-Physics GTO Star GPS-NX uses the Meade LX200 Command Set to send GPS data to the GTO.Note: For the most efficient use of Star GPS with your Astro-Physics GTO system, we recommend that you change the way you have your keypad set up.Since the GPS uses Universal Time, and the keypad starts from local time, there is the potential for timing issues that affect precise calculation of the meridian (overhead hour angle) and the horizons.

For additional information and tips on using the Meade Autostar and ETX/LXD telescopes I highly recommend visiting: Using Star GPS-NX This section describes how to use Star GPS-NX. hope no one dies today 8D i'd like to point out that this scene was actually supposed to include her once again having trouble using the ability [like, having trouble focusing with the onslaught of emotions] but i trimmed it out because of my crappy update speed ._. //mumbles something that sounds like 'pipe dreams at this point' while kicking at the dirt// also...