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12-Nov-2017 02:51

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And, as most women who have married and divorced by 30 will tell you, while people are often shocked to discover that a twentysomething is a divorcee, the circumstance really isn’t that rare.

What The Numbers Tell Us Why are so many of us getting hitched in our first decade after leaving the nest?

I’ve read several passages in the Bible where our Lord Jesus Christ condemns marrying a divorcee.

Divorce is often the consequence of those relational decisions in conjunction with the selfishness of one or both parties in a marriage.There are a number of these terms that must have been really colloquial and maybe even localized, because they aren't found at all in the 400 million word COHA corpus, and are quite rare in even the 155 billion word Google Books corpus.These include terms like chunk of lead (unpopular young woman; in Google Books, but usually referring to the metal), sheba (the female equivalent to the male sheik, as with Rudolph Valentino; hard to disambiguate in Google Books), strike breaker (a woman who was ready to date her boyfriend's best friend as soon as the relationship was over; nearly always referring to work stoppage in Google Books), and a woman who knows her oil (i.e.But, despite how much lip service this phenomenon has garnered, the reality is that a woman’s 20s is still the most popular decade in which to get married.

That’s right — the average age for American women to marry is 27.We all know that more women than ever before are waiting until their 30s to marry and start families.