Donnie wahlberg and aubrey o day dating

21-Nov-2017 03:33

"I think that's when you make the greatest emotional connection with your audience." Before this relationship, Aubrey dated DJ Cassidy and was rumored to have dated New Kids on the Block member Donnie Wahlberg."I have high confidence in the beginning of relationships because I expect a lot from myself, and I certainly wouldn't allow a guy into my life who doesn't live up to those expectations," Aubrey once said.Diddy, O'Day was fired from the group in 2008, but reunited with them in 2013 before a second disbandment.O'Day has modeled for magazines such as Blender and Playboy, and performed on Broadway in Hairspray.Because Aubrey spent much quality time in Boston over the past couple of years whilst dating local producer Jeff Kalligheri. “The last time she was here was for a club appearance.They can’t get enough of her at Rain in Malden.” O’Day, who is currently appearing in “Hairspray” on Broadway, gives a raaaather racy interview to Complex maggie in which she denies rumors linking her to her TV Svengali P.Joe Jonas Is Single Again And although she claims Pauly isn't like other guys she's dated, the 31-year-old is staying away from calling him her boyfriend for now.

Network, and, most recently, she placed 5th on Celebrity Big Brother 18.

Sources close to Aubrey say the two first hooked up back in June, when a smitten Wahlberg convinced Diddy’s protegee to accompany him on a “romantic beach date.” “Aubrey was in Hartford with Danity Kane for a show,” said Someone Who Knows. “The couple have been separated for some time now and remain friends,” Wahlberg’s rep said at the time.

“And I guess Donnie had seen her on TV and sought her out. But while the marriage is kaput, Donnie is still apparently spending some quality time with O’Day.

But I was surprised because I thought Donnie was married.”, last week, the tabs say the two were “looking cozy.” But how could Donnie - who, according to a source, has a thing for " the blonde-and-emerald-eyes type" - resist the hottie? There are so many gorgeous men that come into my life, but they’re just very stupid and I can’t do it.” And obviously a grown man who calls himself a "Kid" is a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously.

magazine to declare her life-affirming love of porn and dispel rumors about getting frisky with her boss (i.e. And now comes word that the 24 year-old Danity Kane diva has been sneaking around with the soon-to-be-divorced Donnie Wahlberg, (a.k.a. the guy from New Kids On the Block you would've LOVED to go out 1988. Though he just filed for divorce in August, Donnie Wahlberg appears to already be involved with Danity Kane singer, Aubrey O’Day. But I was surprised because I thought Donnie was married.” Wahlberg’s relationship with his ex is said to be civil.