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17-Dec-2017 00:37

Thirty-five years after Roman Polanski served time in prison for unlawful sex with a minor—fleeing Hollywood for Europe only when Judge Laurence J.

Rittenband threatened to re-incarcerate him—the notorious director’s punishment may have exceeded his crime.

Dissecting one of the longest cases in California history, James Fox gets a rare interview with Polanski, who discusses his 2009 arrest in Switzerland, the public hatred he experienced, and his next movie, about another legal and political epic: the Dreyfus affair.

The French statesman Talleyrand’s advice to his diplomats, “Above all, not too much zeal,” would have been well observed in the Federal Office of Justice in Berne, Switzerland, one day in late September 2009.

A rehearsal was held at her apartment — full dress, complete with blood squibs pilfered from her father's set for maximum splatter.

She put a lot of pressure on her indentured cast: When they couldn't remember their blocking, or their lines, she yelled at them, Morgane grew so frustrated she physically struck them. ) Never mind that she was four years old."My mom said, ' You can't do that! "I was very " — which is French apparently for "boss bitch."Eventually, she suspects, she will follow her genetic predisposition to the director's chair, but she's happy learning to take instruction at the moment.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon is expected to rule on director Roman Polanski's 40-year-old sexual assault case.

Gordon, after hearing from Deputy District Attorney Michele Hanisee and Polanski's defense attorney Harlan Braun on Monday, said he will issue a written ruling on the case within 90 days Braun argued that the filmmaker should be allowed back into the United States and face no more jail time after pleading guilty to having sex with a minor in 1977.

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"He has actually done nearly eight times the sentence he was promised," Braun said.Morgane was all of eight years old when she appeared onscreen in , the 2002 Holocaust drama that won her father Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director.

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