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25-Oct-2017 16:40

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And you do these things hoping he’ll make a “move” or do or say something that will send a signal that he’s interested in you, too. So a guy won’t automatically assume you’re interested in him. He’ll think you’re giving him the brush off, and he’ll try his chances elsewhere – with a woman who is warm, open, and shows him it’s safe to approach.

Now, I know why you play it cool – you’re trying to protect yourself.

THE DEFINITION OF COOL I personally think that being “cool” comes down to: 1) Being independent 2) Being indifferent 3) Being funny 4) Being socially adjusted Before I get into each of these in detail, I want to mention something…

Usually, I tend to stick to techniques to help you meet more women, or give you advice to get past limiting beliefs, etc.

Are you guilty of watching what you say to a man for fear of appearing “too forward?

” Christian Carter explains how you might be accidentally sabotaging your chances of meeting and getting together with a great, available guy…and what does work to capture his interest.

Or perhaps you automatically assume he must already be taken. You look away when he looks at you, you get busy in a conversation with someone when he approaches you, or you distract yourself with something right after you talk so he can’t see how nervous you feel.

Why do people say I'm a really cool guy but women never give me a chance?

When I'm at work I constantly have people laughing and really enjoying their time there and they get upset cause I'm lighten up the day however this Dosent come out right away it comes out once I know them pretty good and can gauge their personality.

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Sign up now and contact Support with promo code "LL-trial" to receive 1 week of premium membership, absolutely free!Our cool may be in finances, engineering, or just by being able to tell a good story. The first area you must clean up is in your own behavior. Get rid of the uncool stuff and increase the cool characteristics. Just remember that there will be times that you won’t feel as cools as you wish. Watch FREE hidden camera pickup videos and discover how to approach, meet and get dates with attractive women at the shopping mall, the park, even the street!

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