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07-Sep-2017 15:37

Sometimes, you create an event in i Phone and you may notice that Google Calendar is not syncing with Google events on laptop or i Pad.You may notice this issue even after you properly configure the Google Calendars on Windows laptop or MAC.Team Pages has a great a calendar sync feature that allows you to sync your Team Pages calendar with our own personal calendar app, i.e. To take advantage of the Calendar Sync feature, you'll need to have a Team Pages Pro account, and unfortunately isn't available with our Free/Basic team sites (to upgrade, go to your team Settings area where you'll find the upgrade option or call Team Pages Customer Support 800-500-7203 ext.Do you have a problem with syncing the Google Calendar on your Laptop or i Phone / i Pad?Please see here to check if you have a problem with syncing Google Secondary Calendar with your i Phone or i Pad.If everything you did on this part as describing in the post, please follow the instructions in this post as the second level of troubleshooting.If you are using an Android phone this calendar will then sync to your Android phone, providing the account you add the calendar to is the account that you sync to your Android phone.Copy the link above and paste it into an email and send it to yourself.

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Check the calendar name appears in your list of calendars (under a heading 'Subscribed') - this will then automatically update as new by save keep" name="_GPLITA_17" href="#"NB: If you previously clicked the link above and 'added' the events to your calendar then they will not automatically update. Once you have 'subscribed' as above, you can delete the events that were added to your own calendar.

On the other hand, i Cloud offers powerful desktop sync tools if you want your data available from a computer.

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