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As befits her profession, she’s forthright, honest and unabashed in proclaiming what she does.But you won’t hear about her services from a flyer on K Road or Vivian Street.Instead, using the handle @Queen Mistress, Sophia has more than 16,000 followers on Twitter, where she actively promotes herself as a sought-after commodity.Her Instagram account (link NSFW), though it has only a fraction of her Twitter followers, also acts as a virtual introduction to her world of ropes, whips and leather lingerie.Your boarding pass will be stored in the app and can be used even if you're not connected to the Internet.i Phone users can download their boarding pass to their Wallet/Passbook as usual.Find everything you need for your my Austrian flight and many my Austrian services in our app – available for Android and i Phone in 10 languages.With the my Austrian app you can book your flight and my Austrian services, such as seat reservations, DO & CO à la carte menus or upgrades.

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