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If the Sex and Dating Survey was all science-y and random (which it definitely is NOT) we could say such a large sample size means the results are 99% accurate, 24 times out of 25.

But we can say with complete confidence that it’s a revealing look at the hearts, minds and groins of Haligonians, which is all it’s supposed to be.

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The device will be on store shelves in time for the holidays. A new device called i CPooch lets canine owners video chat with their beloved pets while out of town or at work.

953 people completed this year’s Sex and Dating Survey online, motivated only by promises of complete anonymity and kinky catharsis.

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But what you say and how you sound after that line makes all the difference between a sexy orgasmic conversation and a dead end.

“I felt so guilty that I had to leave her alone all day depressed by herself,” Martin told CBS News.

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